Grand National Challenge of Champions Clogging Competition



Schedule — Opera House


Friday, June 15, 2018

10:00 AM Directors Meeting


10:15 AM Amateur Individuals (Contemporary, Traditional, Acapella) Master Individuals (Contemporary, Traditional, Acapella)

Short Duets

Dance-off Amateur, Master Individuals, Short Duets

Duets - Amateur (Contemporary, Traditional, and Show)

Masters (Contemporary, Traditional, and Show)

Acapella Duets (One Level Only)

Choreographed Solos (One Level Only)

Dance-off (Short Duets & Acapella Duets)

Line Dance - Recreational

Formations Line - Recreational

Formations Traditional Line—Recreational

Exhibition - Recreational

4 or more Couple Hoedown - Recreational

Traditional Line - Recreational

4 or more Couple Precision - Recreational

Small Team - Recreational

Acapella Team - Recreational

Show Team - Recreational

Saturday, June 16, 2018

10:00 AM Directors Meeting


10:15 AM Line Dance - Amateur & Masters

Formations Line - Amateur & Masters

Formations Traditional Line—Amateur & Masters

Exhibition - Amateur & Masters

4 or more Couple Hoedown - Amateur & Masters

Traditional Line - Amateur & Masters

4 or more Couple Precision - Amateur & Masters

Small Team - Amateur & Masters

Acapella Team - Amateur & Masters

(Master traditional categories in this order) 4 Couple Precision,6 or 8 Cpl Precision, Southern Appalachian Traditional, Running Set Hoedown, Running Set Precision, Country Hoedown, Smooth Mountain Square Dance

Show Team - Amateur & Masters


Be advised: Some adjustments to this schedule may become necessary depending on the entries received. Final dance order will be sent be prior to competition.

NOTE: To allow for more equitable winning opportunities, Management reserves the right to sub-divide division depending on number of entrees received.


Order Of Dance: Tiny-tot and Pee-wee ages (Saturday) will dance first, then all other age divisions in each category before moving to the next dance category - in the above order.


Recreational Level will only be offered for teams. (non-sanctioned only)